ABAB frequency reuse pattern


if we want to use ABAB frequency reuse pattern for PMP 450 deployed system, so we have to use a guard band between A and B or not? and what is the amount of it?  Also its must be A and B are non adjacent frequencies?


No guard band is required.

Just enable the Adjacent Channel Support under the radio tab.

This last one is correct.

For 450, there is no guard band needed and it is certainly possible to do this with adjacent channels.  The radio design results in this impressive and efficient use of spectrum.  GPS syncronization allows this to work.

If given the choice, it is always better to separate frequencies, but this isn't always a luxury that an operator has.

The 'adjacent channel support' feature is not a requirement for ABAB frequency reuse, but is necessary for certain combinations of equipment, or frequency bands (i.e. a PMP450 AP with PMP450b SMs (5GHz) connected).  Please check the User Guide, release notes or the Quick Start within the GUI for more information on whether this setting is needed in your environment.

For frequency reuse to work properly, the frame configuration parameters among the AP's should match. 

If you are synchronizing between multiple product types, you should also use the co-location tool in order to determine optimal settings.  https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/colocationtool/ 

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In this document on P12 I see reference to Adjacent Frequency Support.
In the post above I see reference to Adjacent Channel Support
Are they one and the same?
Appreciate any reply…

Yes, they are the same setting/concept.

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