Ability to lock ePSK to first MAC address that uses it

We are to replace Ruckus with Cambium Wi-Fi. But we lack one well-used feature:
With Ruckus, ePSK is locked to the first device that uses it. With Cambium, we have to enter MAC address in advance, which is a bit cumbersome.

Are you planning to add this functionality to Cambium APs/cnMaestro?

@retre , are you using any Gateway in your deployment? Are you on cnMaestro X or Essentials?

Huge Fan of DPSK for years. However… the change that APPLE made “cool” was the private MAC address. This burnt up a lot of my DPSK keys. Ruckus added the ability to set a number of devices that could use that key. You would generally set that to 2. So the client device could connect with the “private” or “Random” Mac, then flip the setting to “USE DEVICE MAC”. Which will cause apple to constantly bitch at the user about security.

For EPSK I have been setting a password for each user and leaving the MAC to Any. I can go back after they connect and add their MAC and the password. Which is the big deal over Ruckus. As in Ruckus… its generated for you and you can’t modify or do anything but delete them once used.