Ability to schedule software updates in cnMaestro

cnMaestro very much needs the ability to schedule software upgrades on APs and SMs.

cnMaestro makes batch software upgrades pretty simple already, but if I have to get out of bed at 4AM to push the button it doesn't happen.


This will help WISP's manage there network, IMHO not much to consider :)

We should have the ability to schedule, this should be a basic need for the batch-upgrade.

This continues to be a major thorn in my side Cambium.  In addition to scheduling software updates, config templates, etc. could be pushed, after hours - If only there were a mechanism......

I have nearly 1000 UBNT units still being managed under AC 1, a large number of them newer AC radios.  While I can't do mass-config changes, I can still at least schedule and excute software upgrades for all of them if I like.

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Basic concepts like this is what keeps me from going full speed ahead with Cambium.  UBNT has  more useful features in AC1 or AC2.

very useful when some ¬†of us want to upgrade ¬†SM¬īs ¬†equipment at 1, 2 AM when the network load is less than other hours¬†

I love that with Mikrotik & BaiCells a schedule can be created to update while I'm sleeping.  With Cambium its late nights or frustrated customers during the day. If this gets pushed to being created please allow us to schedule a reboot on all the units would also be great. :)

I need this!

back to kick the tires on this....  +20 @Cambium_Sakid Ahmed

This is still a most critical missing feature of cnMaestro from a day-to-day operations perspective and I'm disappointed it still hasn't been implemented.  

Any news Cambium?

It was brought up in our Elevate video, so they seem to be getting some pressure to do more with cnMaestro.

Yes, This should have been a feature from day one. Please make this work :)

I agree.  This is a must have.  I don't like having to be up at 2 or 3 am to update equipment.

Count me in... Just started using cnMaestro today. Would like to see this option.

such babies.. just get a software macro to get that mouse click at 4 am... lol!!

I was about to ask in an old thread about this, because I wanted to know if this feature had finally been added, then I found this one.

It took time, but at least it looks like you are working on it. I hope it won't be taking too long, since the population of ePMP devices connected to our Maestro is increasing (and I think some day in the future even PTP devices will be on Maestro). In the meanwhile, I guess I will have to do the software updates manually during the night...

Holy crap, after almost 3 years of complaining, this feature actually exists.  

It does? Nice!