About SNMP and PRTG (www.paessler.com/prtg)


I’m experiencing someting weird about SNMP on Canopy AP and SM.

I work with PRGT and it cannot get SNMP data.

I tried to inspect the IODs values manualy and i get with some softwares and do not get with another.

There is something special about SNMP on Canopy?

Who get success on it, please advice me.

Thanks for all.

I think I saw your post on the PRTG forum but in case that wasn’t you…

PRTG is not SNMP V2 compliant and Canopy uses SNMP V2.

Try Solarwinds.net!
Works really well for the in-depth stats and MRTG works for the more unique stats such as RSSI, JITTER and RegAP’s.
Use the engineering edition toolset for under 995 USD.
If you need help or want to see examples I can take some snap shots for you.