Access AP through cnMaestro

hi folks, could be possible to access the AP through cnMaestro on the cloud?? I mean, I need to access the AP but physically is in a remote place away from where am I...

You can see configuration and apply changes to the AP via cnMaestro. You can see the AP's management IP and access it if you have access to that network.

For your case, if you don't have access to the management network from remote location, you are out of luck. cnMaestro wouldn't make a special tunnel to accomplish this.

To understand better, what are you trying to achieve by directly accessing the AP that you can't achieve through cnMaestro?

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thanks @ksannedhi, I was thinking precisely if cnMaestro uses a special tunnel to access the AP...anyway maybe at some point I´m going to need to adjust AP´s transmit power, or antenna gain, or DHCP servers, things like those. Is that possible through cnMaestro ??



today cnMaestro doesn't provide AP console access from cnMaestro context only. The cnMaestro AP DASH board has http link to open up AP UI. This will assume that the host from which we opened up cnMaestro has IP connectivity to AP. 

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All of our cnPilot E series APs comes with internal antennas and gain is fixed for them. Antenna gain configuration will not have any impact internall on the AP. But all other configurations like Radio TX power, DHCP Server and etc can be do able from cnMaestro.

ok thanks @Channareddy, I´ll check documentation for cnMaestro carefully...and by the way, I´m working with ePMP 1000HS


gasparmenendez, with ePMP 1000 Hotspots you can configure devices using AP Groups and WLANs.  Focus on those areas of the documentation. 

Configuration applied to devices via cnMaestro using AP Groups are full configuration files for setting the full configuration of the device.  Device-specific settings can be set using Overrides at the device level configuration pages. 

It is also possible to set device-specific configuration for parameters not explicitly supported in the UI with User-defined Overrides.  Information on this advanced feature is available in the below Knowledge Base article.

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just a thought...can I know what public ip address is using my AP to reach the cnMaestro on the cloud??? cnMaestro should know that ip...

On the device dashboard cnMaestro lists the device IP address, whether it be static or DHCP-assigned.  However, it is very likely a private network address, which requires local network access.  Connections over secure websockets between devices and cnMaestro are intiated by the device, avoiding the requirement that devices have a publicly accesable IP address.

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