Access Port

I must be missing something very basic, but I can't seem to be able to get a basic access port to work on an EX2028. I have some port groups to some servers with VLAN 40 tagged and another trunk port to a router with VLAN 40 tagged.  That is all working correctly, so my trunk port configs should be correct.  But when I add an access port with VLAN 40 I can't get it to communicate with either the router or server.  I've tried both access and hybrid port.

Full config is attached.  Here is relevant config:

vlan 40
ports gigabitethernet 0/24 port-channel 1,2,3,4,5

interface gigabitethernet 0/11
switchport pvid 40
switchport acceptable-frame-type untaggedAndPriorityTagged
switchport mode access
interface gigabitethernet 0/12
switchport pvid 40
switchport acceptable-frame-type untaggedAndPriorityTagged


You need to add ports 0/11 and 0/12 into vlan 40.

To add new ports into existing vlan, use CLI command:

port add gigabitethernet 0/11-12 untagged gigabitethernet 0/11-12

(Note: without the token 'add' in the command, existing ports in the vlan are removed and replaced by the new ports)

I noticed port 0/12 is not configured for access mode, but is configured to receive only untagged frames. Also, port 0/12 is a tagged member in vlan 1. Is this your intention? 


Thank you! I understand what I was doing wrong now.  I was not adding as member ports of the vlan and just trying to add as untagged.

Port 12 was just to try hybrid vs. access.  I don't need to use it.