Access problem to PTP400(BH30)


I got a PTP400 (BH30) that recovery button has pressed for more than 40 seconds, according to the manual that reset to factory default and erase any user software loaded image leaving the factory loaded image intact. But i have lost browser access to teh radio, I only can acces to it by telnet. The screen that apears follow below, what i have to do to reload the software image?

| Copyright © |
| 2000-2006 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. |
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| Motorola PTP 58400 Lite Console Application |
| |
| Software Version: 58400-09-01 |
| Hardware Version: D05-R09-I |
| Motorola Engineer Challenge String: mohej |
| Prodtest Engineer Challenge String: dumar |
| |


Entering System Admin Console…
SysAdmin$ ?

58400-09-01 System Admin Menu
? : Prints this screen
ping <xx.xx.xx.xx> : Ping echo test
pswd : Change system administration password
reboot : Reboot the board
exit : Exit


I see this all the time when you use the recovery option. There seems to be a bug with some of the firmware recovery image.
First thing to do is make sure you can ping the unit at or
once you can ping the unit check to see if you can bring it up with ie
now we have noticed that sometimes you can not get to the ptp’s main page but sometimes will come up
in firefox but will always come up using google chrome. It is defently a bug that affects what browser you can use to access the unit. We have also found that sometimes you need to recycle the power a few times and reset the unit a few times using the recovery method. We see this problem quite often and can be confusing to the end user and they may think that the ethernet interface is not working properly when in reality it is working just fine and has this browser bug.

If it still doesn’t work contact me off list at and i can have it repaired and warrantied for you.