Access & Reset TX1012-P-DC

Hi we just bought 5 new TX1012-P-DC’s, the first one I opened I manged to login via the default address, updated the firmware, rebooted. All good. Turned it off. Next day, can’t get in. Won’t get IP from DHCP and can’t ping/access on the address. So I got another one out of the box, this one I can’t even get in straight off the bat. Not getting a DHCP and can’t see it on So I figure, factory reset. But where is the little reset button? I can’t find it, and nothing in the manual says how to-do this. Can anyone advise on this or seen similar issues?


Hi James,

Please access the default ip about 2.5 mins after switch is turned on.


Hi James, just wanted to follow up if you are able to access the switches. If not, please raise a ticket and we will assist you further. Thanks.

I certainly waited more than 2.5 min. Will raise a ticket as recommend.


Having a similar issue. Factory reset. Configured the cloud details. saved and rebooted.
Won’t get DHCP and no response from Using the AC Model

Good day

I have just picked up a similar problem with the TX1012-P-AC. I cant find a reset button on the switch. Can someone possibly assist?

Hi Keith, the TX10xx family does not come with the reset button. You can factory reset the switch if the switch is on the cloud. By default the switch will get DHCP address and connect to the cloud without any manual configuration. You need to claim the switch in your account.
An alternative way to do a factory reset requires serial connection to the switch. Can you raise a ticket and let me know the ticket number so I can immediately assist you?