Accessing AP GUI from SM causes packet loss

AP is 4500L with 4525 SM. Management access is set to Ethernet/Wireless on the AP. When trying to access the AP GUI from our head end it is snappy and responsive. Same for accessing SM GUI remotely.

However when I access the AP gui from the SM it is very slow and there are bouts of packet loss to and through the AP. When it does finally connect, which can take several minutes it runs OK but still has periodic packet loss.

This does not happen if I do not log into the AP GUI from the SM. If I just use the Internet things run fine with no loss.

If I logout of the AP from the SM I get the AP login screen. When I enter the admin password again it is slow to bring up the main GUI again with packet loss.

Is this normal?


Hi @terintamel, please let me know which FW are you using?

I am using 5.4.1RC10