Accidently power failure during upgrade

If accidently power fail during upgradation, it becomes totally unaccessible. What should i do??


If there was a power failure during an upgrade, it could cause a flash corruption and make the radio unusable. Is this the GPS Sync'd radio or Unsync'd radio? If GPS Sync'd radio, then it has a dual flash memory and will eventually recover. 

Have you tried factory defaulting it? 

It was non gps sync radio. I tried several times to factory default by reset button & power cycling. But unfortunately it couldn’t help me so far. I thing there should be a better option than go for RMA. Is it possible to put dual flash memory for non gps radios?

How does the Synced device recover in this situation?  Just come back up on it's own after some time?

Hi Asif, 

We will need a new hardware platform if we have to add dual flash in it. There is not much we can do with the current platform in terms of adding a second flash. 


The GPS Sync'd radio has a dual flash memory. At any given time, only one flash bank is used while the other sits inactive. If there is corruption on the active bank and the radio fails to bootup on it 10 consecutive times, it will fall back to the inactive bank and bootup on that. Corruption is typically caused in cases such as the one Asif described, i.e. where there is a power failure when the radio is actively wiritng to flash (in the case of software upgrade). 



What does 10 boot cycles end up costing in terms of time - 10 minutes?  An hour?

A failed boot cycle takes a maximum of 30 seconds , usually its less. So you are looking at around 5-6 minutes before the radio switches to the inactive bank. 

Thanks for your info. If so, is it possible any software based solution by which we can access into the memory and flash like as we update using c nut?

or it can be programmed like as it will go to its initial state in case of power failure during upgrade.

Hi Asif, 

Recovering a corrupted flash is not trivial. We will have to open up the radio and tap into the board to bootflash it to bring it back. I'm afraid there is no straight forward way to do this. 



Ok i got it. Thanks for your  support.


We recognize that RMA becomes a challenge for Non GPS radios that may lose power during an upgrade. We are looking into supporting some type of a bare bone image that at least allows the service provider to recover the radio without RMA'ing it. 

Please stay tuned on this topic.


Iamtuned but I dont see any news.

Can we do TFTP recovery as we do with UBNT units?

thank you