Account Pending

One of my techs is unable to log into today and is seeing an Account Pending message. He has had the account for some time and this is the first time seeing the error. He sent a message to Cambium using the link on the page and is awaiting a response.

Is anyone else having this issue or seen anything similar?

We are legally required to check users against restricted party lists published by governments around the world. If someone is flagged as a potential match, we have to disable their account until we can verify whether or not it was a false positive.

Unfortunately, new restricted party lists are published all the time, which is the reason why someone who previously had access can become blocked. The quickest way to get unblocked is to use the form on the “Access Pending” page (as your tech did, and I believe they were unblocked within a couple of hours).

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the explanation.

Today we had a tech that had existing access to cnHeat, get kicked out of cnHeat while he was using it and now has the Access Pending banner. He has submitted the form to regain access. We are also seeing issues with new techs who are signing up for accounts not get access for several days unless they use the form. Frustrating for our techs to not have access to a system that we pay a subscription fee for.

Is there any way to whitelist accounts from our domain? Or any other possible resolution to this?

I’m very sorry about that. Unfortunately, I doubt our legal team would approve a whitelist, as it sort of goes against the principal of screening people against new lists as they are published.

What we should probably do is:

  • Prioritize approval of previously allowed accounts over new accounts
  • When a potential match is detected for a previously-allowed account, don’t block it immediately, but wait for manual verification.

I will see if there is any chance of making these changes. The second one in particular would resolve your problem, but might be a hard sell with our lawyers.

I’m sorry again for the inconvenience.