ACS in 4.5

Hello Cambium - ACS is a nice idea, and it does a decent job of selecting a channel on the AP side which has less interference.  However - at least in a PTP scenario - it needs to at least take the SLAVE side into account.

If you take note of my other recent posts, we are using Force 300c for PTP backauls, with very good results. But, on our latest link, I'm having a really hard time figuring a channel that is clear.  The Spectrum Analyzer in 4.5 crashes all the time for us (dreaded "Spectral Tools" errors) and ACS will pick a channel exactly right on top of another link.

So, I'm now into my second day of trial and error - probably 20 hours into trying to optimize this link...  manually switching channel, letting it link, doing link test, looking at MONTOR -> PERFORMANCE to see where the packets are going - rinse, repeat.

Especially when everyone's competitive product is showing (in real time) a working Spectrum Analyzer from both the Master & Slave side to aid in selecting the best channel.  So, Id recommend to AT LEAST have your ACS be able to be run on the SLAVE side too... so that the MASTER doesn't recommend a non-functional downlink channel, which is what it is doing currently.


ACS is already available for F300s in TDD PTP mode in 4.5 with some limitations(DFS channels are not available).
ACS is already takes into account both AP and SM sides.
We are working further on it.

Thnak you.

I appreciate the reply, things reported in here are usually just met by crickets. So I appreciate the reply, thank you.

However, that is exactly, 180 degrees opposite from what my support ticket person in telling me. And 100% opposite of my experience. They are telling me that I need to buy a 450i in order to take the slave slide into account. I reminded them that there's lots of options for equipment with a working spectrum analyzer, and with working automated local and remote channel selection.

On our latest link install, ACS did an ok job of picking a channel for the AP..  and the uplink packets get through 100% at MCS9. But the channel it picks is exactly right on top of another Link at the slave side. Exactly the same as occupied channels.  So, uplink was MCS 9 but the downlink was MCS 4 - with a -54 signal.

And manually trying to run in the SA... it still crashes everywhere with Spectral Tools General Error, so that's not helpful. when I open the support ticket, I was told that's because the SA has been removed from the Force 300csm... which is more incorrect info.

And there's no way to run ACS at the client, and still, still, still no way of even doing a Wi-Fi site survey.

So I spent two days, and about 20 hours manually going through every channel and testing and charting the MCS up and down... And eventually got a decent Channel. Now I get 280 Mbit aggregate in 40 megahertz channels on this 14 km link, which is very cool. 

But it shouldn't take me two days, and what if interference shows up? We are four years into using epmp and we still can't reliably diagnose interference, or even see what's on the air. It really, really feels like a total disconnect between what we need, and what you think we need.

If I try to leave the SA running, or the monitor - performance screen running - so that I can test this... I get logged out due to inactivity. Since that 'feature' was introduced in 3.5.6, that's a constant aggravation which I have reported 100 times I'm sure.. Plus of course, getting logged out then leaves the SA invisibly running in the background (with no on-screen indication that the SA is still running) and then that wreak all sorts of other havoc on the radio.

But my support ticket person tells me there are "no reported issues with the spectrum analyzer".

I apologize if I have shared inaccurate information with you. I believe there was some kind of missunderstanding there. Sorry about that.

AP is doing ACS scanning when SM is not connected. So it's not possible to scan on SM side for interference yet.

In 4.5.4 we are delivering DSC for F300s(already delivered for PTP550) which will be doind scanning on SM side as well after SM is connected to AP.

We will chech the issue with inactive logout as well.

Thank you and sorry for possible inconveniences caused.

@Fedor wrote:

We will chech the issue with inactive logout as well.

I appreciate that you say you want to help. I don't know how you will be able too though. I've been reporting my issues with the "Logout" since 3.5.6 and no one listens or understands the issue.  So - you say "we will check the issue''... but you have no idea what my issue is...  so I don't know how you can possibley 'check it'.

I don't mean to be insulting - but I've got to be honest... I'm feeling like no one at Cambium is listening.. It feels like I am shouting into the wind.