ACTION Required: Update Wi-Fi Guest Portal before March 1st, 2019

If you have not updated your cnMaestro-hosted Wi-Fi Guest Portal since the release of cnMaestro 1.6.0, please read below.  If you have any questions related to this, please post here so we can help.

ACTION Required before April 30th.

Why am I receiving this?

You are receiving this message because you are an administrator of a cnMaestro account which has enabled one or more cnMaestro-hosted Wi-Fi Guest Portals. 

Why is this important?

If no action is taken, WiFi clients will no longer be able to get network connectivity after April 30th 2018. 

What needs to be done?

Prior to April 30 2018, one of the administrators of your account must take the actions described below to ensure your Wi-Fi clients continue to get connected.

How long should this take?

Less than 5 minutes.

What do I need to do? 

STEP 1 – CLICK the SAVE button

  • Sign in to your cnMaestro account and navigate to the “Guest Access Portal”.
  • For each portal that exists, click on the “Access Control” tab followed by either the “Free” or “Paid” tab.  Scroll to the bottom of the scree and click the SAVE button. 

STEP 2 – ONLY if using social login, update Google, Facebook and/or Office 365 user interface with new “Reply URL” from cnMaestro

  • For each of the social login platforms which you are using (Google, Facebook and/or Office 365), log in with administrator privileges on those platform.
  • Locate cnMaestro’s “Guest Portal Hostname”.  This new value is found in cnMaestro’s portal by clicking on “Access Control” and then the “Free” tab.  For Google and Facebook, use the “Guest Portal Hostname” but for Office 365, use the “Reply URL”.  (See screenshot below.)
  • On those platform (i.e. Google) user interfaces, update the “Reply URL” with the new URL provided by cnMaestro.

STEP 3 – ONLY if using a payment gateway (i.e. Paypal, IPpay, QuickPay, Orange Money) within cnMaestro

  • For  each payment gateway that is use, log into that payment gateway’s administrator user interface.
  • Obtain the “Callback URL” from cnMaestro’s Guest Access Portal à Acess control à Paid age.  Expand any of the payment gateways used in order to obtain the “Callback URL”.
  • Update the payment gateway’s “Callback URL”.


Step 1

The screenshot below shows an account with 2 captive portals, “Café_Delicious” and “Senior_Living”.  Click on the SAVE button for each of these two portals.


Click on the SAVE button at the bottom and you will see the pop-up confirmation message at the top of the screen.

Step 2

On those platform (i.e. Google, Facebook, Office 365) user interfaces, update the “Reply URL” with the new URL provided in the screenshot below.


Step 3

On each payment gateway platform (i.e. Paypal, IPpay, etc), log in to its management interface. 

Find the associated Callback URL from the cnMaestro’s guest portal à Access Control tab.


How will I know if my changes are successful? 

Validate your changes by confirming that when your Wi-Fi client loads your guest portal splash page, the URL ends with * rather than *  If using social login, then complete the login.  To validate your payment gateway settings have been updated, log in to your payment gateway service portal and make sure that the “Auto return URL” or “Callback URL” include *



Please make sure everyone updates their guest portal cloud account soon, as the service will be impacted from March 1st, 2019.

We have given approx 1 year for all the customer to re-save the guest page to use new DNS, there are still few accounts using old DNS.

Request everyone to kindly re-save each of your guest portal page by login into cloud account.


Thanks for the information on this.