Adapter to run ePMP radios on 802.3AF ?

I have one of these :

It would be the perfect survey rig if it wasn't 48v 802.3AF .  I had also purchased a Ubiquiti Instant 802.3AF adapter that was supposed to make most ubiquiti radios work with 48v 802.3AF  however most does not appear to include Nantosations, power bridges, nana beams etc... and it doesn't work with ePMP radios either.

Is there any type of converter/adapter that would allow me to use this with Force180 (polarity nutral PoE) and/or the Force 200 radios (5g or 2.4g also  polarity nutral PoE) ?  


Hi Brubble1,


You can use the following Tycon power converter:

Make certain that you set the output to 24VDC.


Sanjay Kumar.

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Thanks !