Add ip igmp snooping querier via cnMaestro

I need to add “ip igmp snooping querier” to one of the vlans. How to do it with cnMeastro?
When I add manually and sync crashes such an error?

Configuration failed: fsSnoopVlanFilterEntry fsSnoopVlanCfgQuerier SNMP_ERR_INCONSISTENT_VALUE

Template doesn’t help either?

PS I found something that it could be a JAVA or Python error ? :slight_smile:

Here we have the next step to solve the problem.
In one of the pdfs, the command syntax is given: “ip igmp snooping querier [{address | <ucast_addr>}]”, while in another for VLAN “ip igmp snooping querier” is enough. Probably the sync script checks the syntax from that first tutorial. Can someone from the cnMatrix team could check it ?
Is there any quick correction of this error?

I reported the matter to support, but for 2 days, apart from asking what the software version was (which I mentioned in the application), I did not receive any help.
The error takes place as I thought with cnMaestro.
The validation script cannot read the igmp snooping querier command without an IP address. If we do not add it via the Advanced function, we will not work around the synchronization.

I have a great request that in subsequent iterations of cnMaestro allow for adding a Querier without an IP address. It then operated within the VLAN on the switch.
I spent a good 5 hours of the day off for it. I hope that someone will use this knowledge and improve cnMaestro.

Hi, looks like you already found out how to enable igmp snooping querier in the switch’s Advanced Setting. I am sorry that we did not give you proper instruction earlier.
A querier requires an IP address to be used in the IGMP query packet for the querier election process. The default querier address is in the switch. It is not recommended to use the default ip address because of the querier election. If multiple switches are enabled for querier without the querier ip, there is no winner in the querier election as they all have the same default ip address. You can enter any ip address for the querier as it is not used for communication, and is only used for electing the querier.

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Thank you for your response. I took my knowledge from your guide, it said that it can be without IP. Hence my long way to the right one;)