add iperf to ePMP CLI

It would be very helpful in some cases to have a way to run bandwidth tests over the entire path in addition to the wireless link test, making Iperf available in the SSH CLI would accomplish this nicely.

I agree.  With our non-cambium gear (with StarOS), we can run a throughput test to any IP on our network running StarOS, and it's great to be able to find a performance problem which might not be due to that customer's SM-to-Tower link, but might be due to a saturated backhaul somewhere, or a routing error somewhere.  We LOVE being able to have an installer complete his install, and we can do two quick tests and know that the client can get "25Mbit to the tower, and 18 Mbit all the way to the shop".

Over many years of doing this, we have sometimes used the CPE to any other IP test to discover wonky switches, routers and ethernet cables that are causing a reported speed issue, yet the CPE to AP performance was fine.

The challenge here is that iperf takes up a bit of memory and CPU resulting in less than optimum results when run from the device themselves. ePMP has a heavier setof sw features due to syncing, scalability etc and this is a big dilemma for us to add iPERF back into it. 

Would it suffice to say that we will look at this in future HW platforms and design it in from the ground up?


Hading a device on customer site only for iperf is overkill. Personnally, I use it mosly to test latency on udp every X seconds to find where a voip problem is on the network. Adding stats on jitter and paquet drop/retry by qos queue would probably be enough for my need, if possible.

performance tests are available in the ePMP GUI.


I'm just wondering where is iperf available at? 

I checked GUI interface on 3.1 firmware and CLI on that as well but didn't find iperf utility.

Is it on some beta version firmware? 

It will be very helpful to show the actual path of iperf unility.

Thanks a lot.


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iperf would definitely be helpful so TCP tests could be performed across multiple routed hops.

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This shouldn't be marked as "available now."  The link tests are not the same as iPerf, which is what has been requested.


But since we can’t, the ‘performance test in the GUI’ are not at all the same functionality.

If you would add the ability to Link Test to an IP address (like nearly every other vendor does) that would go a long way to helping diagnose problems for our clients… which is kinda essential for a WISP.