Add new Antenna in Linkplanner


can I add a new antenna in linkplanner under for example PMP450i , as I need to add an Omni Antenna to use it in a design.




If you want to use the omni antenna on the AP, then I am sorry you can't add your own as we use a 3D antenna pattern at the Access Points when calculating the performance to each SM, so the AP antennas have to be added centrally.

Should you want to add new antennas at the SM then these can be added by the user by choosing "Other ..." in the antenna drop down menu or adding an antenna in the Subscriber Module Antenna list.



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Can we request new AP antennas be added to LinkPlanner some how?


We can add AP antennas providing that we are able to get a full 3D pattern for the antenna. Ideally we would like 2 spreadsheets per antenna with the following content:

Elevation as column headings (-90 to +90)

Azimuth as row headings (-180 to +180)

One sheet per frequency, with the sheet name set as the frequency in MHz.

A small sample from one sheet would start:

  -90 -89 -88 -87
-180 -23.4 -22.58 -21.65 -20.69
-179.5 -23.4 -22.58 -21.65 -20.69
-179 -23.4 -22.58 -21.65 -20.69
-178.5 -23.4 -22.58 -21.65 -20.69
-178 -23.4 -22.58 -21.65 -20.69
-177.5 -23.4 -22.58 -21.65 -20.69

One of the workbooks should be the horizontal pattern and the other workbook should be the vertical pattern.

If you can provide us with this information, along with the antenna spec sheet then we can add it to LINKPlanner.