Add 'prospects' or 'pending' to cnMaestro's Map

Hi. Is there a way to add sites to the cnMaestro map that aren't yet connected clients?

What I'm thinking is that as we start the process of changing over a couple thousand non-Cambium clients to Cambium gear, it would be VERY useful tobe able to put all the existing clients into cnMastro as colored 'prospects' dots, and then to 'convert' them into onboardable radios as we change those clients over.

Since our clients are spread over a large rural area, anything we can do to be more efficient while changing everyone over would be a good thing, and using it as a planning &Ā visualization tool would be very useful.

Can cnMaestro do this now, or does anyone have any suggestoin for ways to accomplish that?

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Hi Ninedd,

At the moment we do not have that option avaiilable in cnMaestro. However, I will pass this suggestion to our product team.

Hi ninedd,

I addition, I recommend that you submit this to the Ideas sections.  This wil allow other users to vote on this feature and you can track its progress.  The link is available on the top bar or at: