Add Software Image: Error: Unrecognized File

We run cnMaestro Version 1.6.0-r5 on premisis.  I am trying to update many of my PmP450 radios to firmware 15.1.1.  Most of our network currently has 14.2.1 on it, so I was told to upgrade to 15.0.3 first.  When I try to add firmware 15.0.3 into cnMaestro, I get "Error:  Unrecognized File"

Does anyone know how to get this to work?

Are you trying to upload CANOPY_15.0.3.tar.gz or CANOPY150_3BUILDOFFICIAL_PXP45x_S.pkg3 to cnMaestro?

CANOPY_15.0.3.tar.gz is the proper file to upload.  The pkg3 file is only for CNUT.


Thank you for the quick response.  That worked.

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