Add Uplink and S/N to Canopy Alignment Tool

I'm finding with the 450s in our area, the uplink is suffering far worse than the downlink due to the AP being completely exposed to any noise while the SMs are usually sheltered by trees and higher gain dishes/antennae.  As a result, I'm starting to fine tune my alignment off the uplink signal strength and S/N.  The uplink capacity is usually far worse than the downlink, and I suspect the uplink is the reason for a lot of the session drops I'm seeing.

I would love to see the uplink signal strength added to the Alignment Tool, along with the S/N for both the downlink and uplink.  Having to do a constant streams of 2 second link capacities to find out S/N ratios is a pain.

This would obviously require the AP to send uplink information to SMs using the Alignment Tool, but since they have to be in an established session to use the tool anyway, I shouldn't think that would be a problem.