Add users to a LINKPlanner 6.0 (online) project

Hi, I’m using LINKPlanner 6.0 (web based) to work on a project and I would like to add some users so they can work on it too.

I see in the Permissions box in the Poject properties the posibility to add users:

They already have a Cambium account, but are getting no invitation email to the LINKPlanner project, how can I share a project with other users?



At the moment LINKPlanner only supports a single user editing a project. You can add other known users to a project, using their email address. It won’t send out invites to the users, so you will need to get them to register first.

LINKPlanner has 2 types of project

  • a master project, which is the saved version of the project, which can no longer be edited directly
  • an in-work project, which is the one that you, as an admin, are editing. This is when you see the red save icon to indicate that there are changes in the in-work version of the project.

Additional users can only see a read-only copy of the master project at the last saved state. They won’t see your changes until you save the project. If you add users, they won’t see the project until you save. Once you save the project it will appear in their projects list. The read-only users can create their own copy of the project if they want to make changes, but these are not shared by default.

We will add more features to support multiple users in future releases.

The permissions are documented at Project Page — Cambium LINKPlanner Online Help (6.0.0)



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Thank you very much, resolved.