Adding a 450i AP to cnMaestro makes the AP reboot every 2 minutes.

Hi all,

I have an AP that was onboraded to an older version of cnMaestro I believe 1.6.x and we upgraded to

2.1.0-r22. I then manually added our AP's and SM's back into the new instance of cnmaestro. All of ht eAP's but this one have onboarded fine. It shows up as onboarded, but as a generic AP, like it doesn't pick up SNMP. 

PMP 450i-BB2854

 As soon as I disable cnmaestro in the AP, it quits rebooting and is fine. All of it's SM's are in cnMaestro right now, wating in the default column for their parent. How can I safely add this AP to cnMaestro without it going haywire? 


Please navigate to Configuration >> cnMaestro >> cnMaestro Agent Debug Log Level on the device web UI and cross check if debug is enabled, if yes, please disable it and see if that helps.  

If the issue still persist, please send me( the engineering.cgi file from the device after disabling cnMaestro. Use the below command to collect the engineering.cgi file. 
     https://<device ip>/engineering.cgi and save it in the PDF format.

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