Adding a Pipe Service to a PTP 820 radio

If you want to pass Ethernet traffic in a PTP 820 radio, we need to create Ethernet services to pass traffic. Please follow the below steps inorder to create an ethernet service.

  1. Go under Ethernet --> Services and click on “ADD”. Refer Figure 1
  2. After creating a Service, please select the service and then Click on “Service Point”.
  3. Now on that page, click on “ADD”. Associate an Ethernet port to Interface Location. Refer Figure 2
  4. Now again click on “ADD”. Associate a Radio port to this Ethernet port. Refer Figure 3
  5.  Performing all these configurations, you are creating a logical pipe from the Ethernet port to the radio port. So when traffic ingress into the Ethernet port, it will be passed to the Radio Interface location and egress out from there. Refer Figure 4

Vivek Gupta