Adding Elements to PrizmEMS

Does anyone else have difficulties adding elements to prizm for management or monitoring?

I have two BH10 pairs and a couple of CMM that will not be discovered no matter what I do. They are configured exactly like any other BH, AP, or SM in our system, but these will not be discovered.

Any suggestions?

Have you checked the snmp settings on the backhauls you are having problems with? Same IP range and all that?

You moight double check the gateway IP as well.

Try the following:

- on the left select DISCOVERED ELEMENTS
- in the window that appears ensure that SNMP v2c SCAN is checked, the community string is correct and the password fr the elements are correct.
Then in the HOST IP box enter the IPS of the radios you want to discover.
- Once they are discovered you should be able to add them to your network list.

Also, in the DEFAULT SUBENT window of DEFINE NETWORKS besure that the server Route IP address is correct.

our prizm server and canopy cluster are in different IP subnet. what should be specified in server route ip address.

should it be gateway of prizm server or AP ?
Network number of prizm or canopy cluster ?

I am confused.what actually is "server route ip address " ?

Best Regards

server route ip address should be the address which prizm elements are going to send data to. ie: cluster is on prizmems is on, and the prizmems server ip is, and public ip of, put in the ip as the server-route ip.