Adding SM to CBRS Sector

I need to add an SM to and existing CBRS sector with about 15 SMs. I add it to end of spreadsheet, import and start.

I get error:

0A:00:3E:xx:xx:xx Error: Device already exists in inventory and override key not provided
0A:00:3E:xx:xx:xx Error: Could not import for the device

The second line is the SM I am trying to add. What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to check “Reimport Devices” on import?

I have had to delete the devices from cnMaestro before adding the device as a new CBSD. they will be readded when you import.

Turned out I had miss typed a serial number on the spreadsheet I was uploading. Wish the error code was more explanatory. I wish there were cheat sheets and/or better documentation etc for this CBRS stuff.

Thanks for the feedback… we are constantly working on improvements to the tools around CBRS. This helps. I will ask the team to make the error message more explicit (though in the case of a mis-typed MAC, not sure what would make more sense…).

Regarding documentation, we are actively working on updating training modules, so these should go a long way to getting you more familiar with things. In addition, documentation is reviewed and updated for each release, so there will be constant updates here also.

The MAC was fine. S/N was wrong. When I tried adding it with the “Add BHS/SM” button it clearly told me that there but not when using the spreadsheet.

If I have to move an SM and change its gps location and height but it stays on same sector how do I do that? After I update it in spread sheet what next?

Speaking of that how do I remove the single sm after adding it? Do I just de-register it under domain proxy view and then remove from spread sheet?