Additional Color Codes don't show up with SNMP queries


Am I missing something?

I got a two additional color code (view image), but when I query the device with SNMP they doesn't show up:

# snmpwalk -v2c -c Canopy colorCode | grep -i color
WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB::colorCode.0 = INTEGER: 124

# snmpwalk -v2c -c Canopy whispSmConfig | grep -i color
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode2.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority2.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode3.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority3.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode4.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority4.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode5.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority5.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode6.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority6.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode7.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority7.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode8.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority8.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode9.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority9.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCode10.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::colorCodepriority10.0 = INTEGER: disable(0)
WHISP-SM-MIB::additionalColorCode.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::additionalColorCodePriority.0 = INTEGER: 0
WHISP-SM-MIB::deleteAdditionalColorCode.0 = INTEGER: 0

Software version: 15.1.3

I am getting the same results that you are getting.

In the MIB though it says that the colorCodeX OIDs have been use additionalColorCode instead.

For setting a color code I agree that additionalColorCode is the appropriate OID, but for getting color codes it only shows you the last entry. ...which is no good for what you are trying to do.

I think you are supposed to use whispSMColorCodeTable (. instead to get the list of color codes now.

I hope that helps.


Thank you!
Yes, I was missing something. I haven't seen this OID.


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