Additional SSID for only a few members of an AP Group?

Hello all,

I have an AP Group that has around 110 APs in it. They’re all broadcasting a single SSID. This is in an apartment building, we’re using ePSK to provide a separate password for each customer and using client isolation to keep them from talking to each other.

I have been asked to setup another SSID, but only on certain APs (ones physically located close to common rooms / shared meeting areas). Currently, I only want this SSID to be on something like 3-6 APs.

I can add the new SSID to the AP Group, but then all of the 110 APs will broadcast it, which I do not want.
I believe I can set an override at the individual AP level to disable the SSID on the APs that I do not want to broadcast, but that means I will have to manually set that override ~100 times.

Is there any other (better) way to do this? Should I break off the “special” APs that need the extra SSID into their own AP Group? (Will that cause any problems with roaming or auto channel selection/power control, if some of the APs in a building are in a different AP Group than the rest?)

Hi @BradenMcG_DC ,

I suggest doing the inverse. Add a WLAN to the AP Group that is disabled by default. Then for the 3-6 APs you want to use it on, enable the SSID in the overrides.


As far as I can tell, there is no way to add an SSID (“WLAN” in cnMaestro’s terminology) to an AP Group that is disabled… That would work well if I could find a way to do it though. :slight_smile:

Note the “WLAN” section at the bottom - all you can do is Add (existing) WLAN, or Create WLAN; there is no way to set the state of one to be inactive / “off” / not broadcasted…

I found it, thank you for the suggestion. Had to edit the WLAN/SSID itself and just uncheck “Enable” there. Now I can apply that to the whole AP Group, and then override on the few APs that I need, this will work OK for our purposes. Thank you!