Adjacent Channel Support

Hi all

what I have to expect enabling Adjacent Channel Support?What this funciton do?

Thank you in advance Giuseppe

Hello Giuseppe,

Adjacent Channel Support needs to be enabled if you are running ABAB frequency reuse scenario.

If you are using Adjacent channel with no gaurd band you need to enable this parameter on AP. Also note Adjacent channel Support needs to be enabled only on specific  cambium equipment  or radios. (3.6 GHz 450/450i AP and if there are any 450b SMs in 5 GHz network then on 450/450i 5 GHz AP). 

Let me know if you have more questions or need additional explanation. 



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Aside from limiting the SM's power output, what other things does this setting do? Why does this feature not exist for PMP450 for 900 and 2.4?

Essentially, that's all it does.  It doesn't exist on 900 or 2.4 because the transmit power is lower in these bands, and does not require back off to use adjacent channels.

The 5 GHz 450i and 3 GHz 450/450i are able to operate at higher transmit powers, so may require this back off if adjacent channels are being used.

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