Advanced Network Planning (ANP) tool for 60 GHz cnWave Networks

Learn how to use the Advanced Network Planning (ANP) tool to plan and optimize 60 GHz cnWave networks with Terragraph mesh technology.

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Hi Ray,

When would we be able to get access to these tools so we can start planning?

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The ANP tools is accessible by distributors, not the End User today.

I understand that, but I feel like you are placing a lot of responsibility on distributors with this decision. If we are to build these networks out properly, the end customer needs access to this tool. With the amount of requests that are coming in, and the significant time it takes for a distributor to map out a network, it’s not feasible to continue down this path in the current state.

Please make the tool available to ISP’s who wish to build networks around this product, or it’s dead in the water.

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Thanks for the inputs. We are working to add ANP design to cnHeat as well, which will enable all end user to access.

In addition, to properly use ANP tool, customer need to have Lidar data. Meantime, Cambium also offer this design as Service. If the network is small, LINKPlanner is sufficient for design too. Based on project we have involved, many of the ISP network can be designed just with LP.

I understand we need Lidar data. We have plans to build out hundreds of V5000 in a community. Need to be able to design.

When you say Cambium offers it as a service, can I give you lidar data and V5000 potential locations and have you plot out what is required and where things need to be?

sure, we can take a look for it.

This is an old topic, but we’ve been in a holding pattern for a while because of this. We tried to build it out in LP, but it’s unrealistic without Lidar.