Advantage platform

Can a Canopy Advantage be collocated with the older canopy equipment, I have read that they are back compatibel with the older canopy SM but, is there any issues with collocating them with older AP that are not Advantage??

Advantage has the ability to run hardware scheduler while the older non-advantage AP’s do not have this ability. When collocating a hardware scheduler AP with a software scheduler AP you need to make some adjustments to the frame structure. This is outlined in the 7.x release notes.

You will want to do this adjustment so that the AP’s dont interfere with each other. Once you have made the necessary changes then you can run the two AP’s in different scheduling modes without problem.

How about firmware 7.3.6? You can run classic AP in hardware then, but you don’t get the 2X or lower latency… Will such AP run without problems next to Advantage hardware AP?