Advantage Problem


I have a very strange problem with my advantage AP 5250AP.

I have a CMM with two APs and a back haul on it. I just purchased a new Advantage access point wanting to replace old regular AP.

I went up on a tower to replace it. As soon as i would plug in the new advantage ap, it would bring the entire network down, including CMM, other ap and back haul. and it would keep sending hard reset signals to all other devices on the network.

Settings are the same as the settings on the old AP.

New AP has this soft version: CANOPY 7.2.9 Jul 23 2005 01:49:03 AP-DES
and it is the same one as the one on the old AP

Any ideas?

Did you put the new advantage in software mode?

How do you do that? :smiley:

I am pretty new at this canopy stuff so a small hint would be much appreciated.


Sorry, under config of the new advantage you have the option of either hardware mode or software mode. until you have upgraded all the co-located cyclone’s you must run it in software mode

all of the config should match except for the color code and freq.

just checked, software scheduling is cheked out, if that is the option I need

Can you post the config page for both units? Double check your ip address and gateway

I’ve just upgraded AP to 7.3.6 software version because it was on 7.2.9

I read somewhere on the forum here that someone else had a problem with hardware/software scheduling, and on 7.2.9 even if I would specify software scheduling, it would still show it as hardware scheduling in expanded stats, but with 7.3.6 it would actually say software scheduling as specified in expanded stats. I really hope that this software upgrade will do the trick. Will go up on a tower tomorrow morning (can’t really do it now it’s almost midnight :smiley: ) and replace the old AP with this new Advantage one.

Clueless thanks for the help, will let you know tomorrow how it goes, if it still doesnt work then will dig deep into settings.

Problem solved with software upgrade to 7.3.6, problem was that I could not switch to software scheduling in 7.2.9 version but with 7.3.6 work fine