Advantage + Regular AP cluster


I have a 4 AP cluster with regular Canopy AP’s. One of the sectors is having about 5.5 MBPS of aggrgated traffic, so we are going to replace one regular AP with an advange AP.

Are there any special configurationis that need to be made?

All 4 Ap’s & 2 BH masters are conected to a CMM.



are the currnet AP’s on Software or Hardware scheduling… either way, need to make sure that the new AP remains in the same scheduling mode…

Also use the frame calculator to make sure you don’t have any timing sync problems.

We tried doing it, and we got SM’s dropping off now and then… it was intermittent… changed the whole cluster to Advantage and it seemed to settle down…

The other Ap’s are soft 7.3.6 runnig Harware Scheduling.

Just configure the advantage to match the non-advantage and you should be fine.

First look to see if the non-Advantage radios are P9. Telnet into the radio and type VER. If the unit comes back as a P9 then run everything in HWS mod. (7.3.6 allows non-advantage P9 AP’s to use HWS)

If the non-Advantage radios are not P9’s then you have to run them in SWS mode. Then run the Advatage AP’s in HWS mode to take advantage of the higher throughput and lower latency.

If this is the case in your situation then refer to the 7.3.6 release notes because you will need to make adjustments to colocate the SWS AP’s with the HWS AP’s.

**Keep in mind, SM’s dont need to be P9’s to run HWS.

I would take the entire cluster to HWS (assuming P9 radios).