Advertising on Reflector Dish

Just wondering if anyone else puts their company name on reflector dishs for advertising. I was at the Airport the otherday and noticed that Dish Network put their logo on the reflector dish. Came home and looked at mine and their it was again. So do you use this advertising? Is there any interference with this type of advertising? Do you use stickers or some sort of paint that does not cause interference? Any advice would be appriciated. Just don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get free advertising.

:lol: You know that is not a bad idea!! I don’t think customers would like a phone number hanging on the side of their house, but a logo in the center of the dish shouldn’t bother anyone. That is a Great Idea Bandit

Thanks, but I saw it on one of the sat tv companies dish. That is where I got the idea, just wondering if there are any concerns with interference and if so, what othres recommend.

Use non-metallic paint and it should work OK.

I know of a company that manufactors dishes with logos and I know the company that buys from them. They’re using dishes for advertisement too and there is no interference due to the logo, so I think it is OK to use them. :slight_smile:

- Austin :o

Could you please let me know which company manufactors with the logo on the dish. I would like to look at what they are offering in terms of pricing. Thanks

There is a company out there that does vinyl lettering on reflectors. Their website is Check out their work. :smiley:

do you think, 3M stickers will work also? out of St.Catherines Ontario uses stickers on their refelctors. Perhaps you should contact them and ask if they've had any problems with signal because of it.


This may be a dumb question, but aren’t the dishes impregnated with a metallic anyway that reflects the RF? Kind of like a mirror for RF? As long as you are not changing the focal point of the dish then even adding a metallic paint or decal shouldn’t have ny ill effects. Amd I wrong?