Advice for 802.1x network

Hi guys , hey... has anyone implemented an 802.1x network for a School? if so, is there a simple way to restrict the number of connections per user? i.e 2 to 3 devices per student.

Maybe in radius? We implemeted eduroam and all authentication is on radius, AP is just forwarder to the radius server

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Thank Mixig, looking into the problem. 

I found out that I can perform this implementation quite easy using a Mikrotik router 1100, this hardware does not only has its own radius server but also it has a feature called hotspot, that's it's aimed for managing exactly the number of concurrent devices that a user could use in a network with their WPA2/Enterprise credentials.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be implementing this school deployment with the Cambium APs and the Mikrotik router.



Yep, mikrotik’s user manager can also do that

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in the interest of community, it will be great if you can share how it can be achived using mikrotik router configuration. ap being nas client, it can send client mac address in calling station id.