advice on interference with other Canopy WISP

Hello all,

I have been dealing with another Canopy WISP about 20 miles away from me. We have in the past worked together and coordinated our settings - I have not had a problem until just lately.

I have a tower with 3 900 APs on it. One facing North, others facing SW and SE. The north AP is the one dropping customers sm’s. It is set to 915, his 2 towers are set to 915 and 924. He is using Omnis instead of sector panels. Not sure if he is synced or not. I am synced using CMM.

Many times during the day this AP will drop up to 3/4 of the users - they will go idle. Then, they will come back and stay on for several minutes, sometimes hours. It is completely random, but seems to happen more during the day, or after 5PM.

Any advice? He is not responding to any of my attempts. I am losing my patience very quickly. He may just be doing this to make me lose business, since our coverage area overlaps ssome.

I can switch to 906, but is is not as clean as 915 has been in the past - 915 has always worked best. If I go to 906, I am basically handing him the freqs that I need, and I will have to go and swap or move antenna on 15+ customers.

Thank you.

Your issue is not all that uncommon. Ideally your competitor needs to have GPS sync. If he’s not then I’d wager he has his own set of issues to deal with. Just to clarify, all (3) of your 900’s show that they are receiving sync? None the less if he won’t cooperate then I would change your North AP to 906 or 924 and your South AP to 915 and w/e freq. you aren’t using for the N. Be sure to run a spectrum analysis. Unless you have freq’s deselected on the SM side you should not have to roll a truck to the customer’s house.

Someone else may come along to offer additional input.

Yes, all three of my APs are GPS synced. I will try to go to 906 - I have changed it temporarily, some of my SMs don’t register on 906, and I have 906,915,924 checked on all of them so I can switch easily.

What are the power level/jitter readings are the SM’s showing on 915 that don’t register on 906? You may want to consider testing or deploying a connectorized SM w/ yagi at those locations. We’ve had excellent results with KPP 14 & 17dBi yagi’s.

Most of these are already using M2 14dbi yagis. Power levels are below -80 now. They will hold at -83 or -84, but any lower, they re-register and go idle all the time.

How far are the problematic SM’s from the tower?

they are as close as 2 miles, and as far as 13.5 miles. Everywhere in between.