advice on replacing CMM

We are finding that our RF L2 cloud is getting too big and is causing us issues. The CMM are limited in features, we want to run VRF/MPLS/STP etc…

I am thinking of replacing the CMM with the packetflux/sync injectors, then patching the AP’s/BH from the packetflux to a CISCO 3750 switch. This will allow us to run ospf/igrp etc… for live redunt links, and the rest of the good stuff.

My question is is their anything specific in the CMM apart from the timing that I need to take care of. I also remember (acherman I think or another member) saying that before V8 could be released v2.2 for the CMM had to be released as V8 requires a certain functionality/feature of V2.2, am I likely to have problems in the future if I make this move.

I don’t want to invest in 10 ciscos only to find out that in the next release I have to roll back to the CMM’s and tear down the intelligence in my network.

I would assume that the cisco would be capable of doing anything the CMM could do and more as far as the switching goes. Before you jump ship and dive right in to the syncpipe and injecter (I have 6 in place and have no complaints) Take a liik at the New unit from Its kind of like a rariation of both. It has a built in GPS, WEB interface, capable of 2 redundant power supplies, and 8 ports for Canopy and 8 ports for your Cisco. Once again I have had no problems with the syncpipe or injecter, and as far as me assuming the Cisco will work do your homework cuz you know the only thing assume will do is make an ass/u/me.

:-)… yeah actually I was looking at the 8 port unit… gonna get one and test it first… I just hope there is nothing specific in V8 that relies on the CMM then again V2.2 doesn’t have anything in it that a Cisco can’t do

I’ve had very good luck using the SyncPipe in the field and have begun deplying it at remote AP sites that are fed via an AP-SM link (prvents dropping all local AP-SM links should the feed link burp - for the price it beats terminating cable at height)

I’m looking very hard at the Cyclone unit for larger sites, but have not yet deployed.

we will be ordering the 8 port cyclone unit, will let you know how it goes…

for remotes we will probably also go with the injector

for mid sites (4 devices) we will use the CMM running v2.2 and vlan the ports off in pairs use one of them to feed power and sync and the other to connecto to the Cisco switch and do all the switching/routing and funky stuff on the Cisco