AES requires BAM??

HI All,

We’ve got 4 APs and 9 SMs all in AES. What do I need to do to get the units secured? Do I have to have a BAM server at the AP location? The manual is somewhat vague on the subject.

BAM this, AES that. I’m so confused! :cry: :lol:

If I don’t need a BAM, how do I secure the network from possible intrusion?

We’ll be adding about 28 more AP/SM in the next few months and they’re all AES.

I think we need a “Securing Canopy Networks for Dummies” guide book! :wink:


BAM will allow only those SM’s you identify in the database to authenticate. AES provides added protection to the over the air communication.

Does this help?

Ok, I understand the difference now…

So, because we’re not using a BAM server, will AES alone be enough to keep people off of the system? If so, how do I configure it?

Thank you!

No, BAM will keep people off that shouldn’t be there.