After configuring a SM with color code the Antenna don't connect anymore to the AP

Good afternoon,

i write here wondering if anyone has faced this kind if issue:

  • New SM with installation color code (CC: 0) connect to the AP.
  • Start configuring SM setting the right color code (no mistakes) of the AP where it’s connected.
  • Reboot
  • SM don’t connect anymore

This happens very few times but happens and seems that this happens if a router is connected to the SM.
No frequency problems, no low power level or SNR etc…

A workaround is to change the SM (because it does’nt connect anymore to the AP even if is correctly configured), disconnect the router, power on the SM without router, configure the SM, reboot and after successful connect to the AP, connect the router.

Anyone had this kind of issue?

What equipment is this? Curious if this might be what some of our providers are seeing. They will call and say they can’t connect and when we check the AP we never see the SM even attempting. Are you able to default the SM and use it at a different site just fine? I think a number of our installers tend to have their laptops plugged in to the SM while installing/configuring and once they get a connection they move it to the router, but maybe not.

The AP’s are PMP 450m (occoured on different sites with different SM).

I can’t test this SM on a different site but they are tested in lab before go to the technician.

We don’t use the laptop plugged into the SM, we wait the association at the AP and we start to config (manually or through cnMaestro).

What I was wondering is the SM dead after it won’t connect, or can you bring it back, default, get it working in the lab and then deploy it to another location just fine?

The SM’s after a “power on reset” is coming back and associated to the AP after 2 minutes! (no router connected = NO LINK).

When the SM’s did’nt connect and i’ve opened this topic has been restarted many many times without success…

In the event log there’s nothing important (power on reset, time set etc…)

Do you have other subscribers connected to the AP with no issue?

What software version are you using?

Is SM configured to use DHCP? Not sure how that would matter anyways… just brainstorming.

Can you access the SM over Ethernet in this state? If so, when it happens would grab an engineering.cgi and send it to me?

Yes, all of them.

Is configured in DHCP (maybe without router there’s a mismatch between router DHCP?).
I don’t know if is possible access the SM over ethernet, i did’nt tried.

i can give you engineering of the SM if you want