AirMagnet Survey PRO E400 antenna patterns

Here are E400 antenna patterns to enable you to plan with AirMagnet Survey PRO!

Click the antenna patterns package below to download the zip file of new patterns.

On your machine, unzip the file.

Extract the files to the following directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AirMagnet Inc\AirMagnet Surveyor\Antenna\

Launch AirMagnet Survey/Planner and begin using the new patterns!



I downloaded the patterns but it looks like a directional antenna pattern not omni.

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To which antenna are you referring?

(There are patterns for E400 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and ePMP Hotspot.)

Please specify Azimuth or Elevation, and I'll have a look!



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Please also note that although the antennas are omnidirectional, if you mount the E400 on the ceiling, you'll get better coverage underneath the AP than you will above the AP.

So it is directional.


I hope this helps!


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This are the patterns from another vendor's AP with an omniderectional antenna(2.4Ghz and 5Ghz azimuth):

2.4GHz gn Az5GHz an Az.jpg

The ones for E400 look like this:

Cambium Networks E400 2.4 GHz 5 dBi A.jpgCambium Networks E400 5 GHz 5 dBi A.jpg

I was asking if it's correct because in airmagnet the simulation looks directional. 

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since the e400 is designed for ceiling/wall/desk-top mounting the desired radiation pattern is down/out/up for the various mounting options so the antenna radiation patterns are designed to be semi-directional. We do not want to "waste" energy up into the ceiling for ceiling mount so the antennas are designed so they radiate more thru the front face of the e400.

A theoretical omni-directional antenna radiates equally in all directions, but when implementing a real-world antenna there are many factors that make this impossible (such as the physical construction of a metal radiating element with a connector and plastic radome, an slightly imperfect VSWR will result as well). In addition, since the radiating element is in the proximity to other metal contained in the access point printed-circuit-board-assembly and the enclosure plastic the pattern will be modified. Hopefully this helps explain things a bit. 

are the "omni" type patterns azimuth polar plots or elevation? Are those plots form an antenna inside an access point or external to the access point? 

It's the azimuth for an internal AP antenna.

I intend to mount it on the ceiling. Now i'm testing it on a desk.

In Airmagnet planner i'm using the azimuth, i consider the AP installed on a ceiling at 2.5m - 3m.

Do you have something like in the pictures below to better understand the patterns?

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How do you account for the overall patterns of the two antennas for each band? Since the e400 has two 2.4GHz antennas and two 5GHz antennas the composite of the two should be considered the coverage pattern since they always operate simultaneously. For a ceiling mount AP you want as much of your energy to radaite towards the client devices and not up thru the ceiling or wall. 

Here's an update!

(For each band, we've included the results of both antennas for low, mid, and upper frequency ranges.)



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The new patterns are ok.


We are using iBwave for indoor planning, are there vex files available for e400/e500?

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Will try to get the information.

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here you go see attached.

looks like I cannot attach vex files here

cnPilot vex (79.8 KB)