AirPrint across VLANs

I have Cambium XV2-2 access points that I am trying to configure to allow AirPrint to work across the VLANs.
My printers are on VID 80, and the WiFi is on VID 60. I have enabled the Bonjour Gateway service and added the following rule.

When trying to AirPrint, no printers show. If I join a WiFi network on the same VID as the printers, then it works, so I know AirPrint does work.

Is there anything else I need to do to sort this?

This is my own dangerously uninformed opinion, but as far as I know, Bonjour is only a service discovery protocol. It allows you to discover the address of a device on the network, but it doesn’t do anything to help communicate with that device.

Does your setup allow artbitrary traffic between the VLANs?

Traffic is allowed via the VLANs. I can ping the printer from the iOS VLAN.

My understanding is that Bonjour Forwarding should forward the multicast packets from the client VLAN to the printer vlan, allowing it to discover the printer. Without forwarding, the multicast packets would be dropped.

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I remember reading about MDNS forwarding years ago. Never did it.

Ended up putting the printer in the VLAN with the clients.

That isn’t really an option as we want the guest vlans to b able to print as well.

My answer was to put the printer in the guest VLAN. Give it a bypass from the CLEINT ISOLATION that should be running on your guest network.

Then I made one rule to allow traffic from the MAIN (Back of House) Network to the PRINTER’S IP only.

So the computers on the main could hit it as they had the IP.

Trade off… no airprint for people on MAIN.

That’s the trade off we can’t afford. I took your answer as putting the printer on the MAIN VLAN, which we need to print from as well as the Guest VLAN - plus potentially others as well.

It also throws up the questions for services such as AirPlay, but one bridge at a time…