Airprint not working with IPADS with E410

Aynone have any suggestions, have about 150 IPADS at a new school, have the printers and the IPADS on the same VLAN, but printers are all static assigned with IP/DNS settings, bonjour enabled, IPP etc. Ipads are DHCP/DNS from a server on another VLAN, but are able surf internet etc. I have ensured unicast dns and proxy arp both on, bonjour enabled etc.

Hi , 

Could you send me a private message to the with the details of your network topology and issue so that I can support you directly.

I think the rest of us would really like to know the outcome of this.

It could be as simple as client isolation... but if its something more. It might help the rest of us know what to look for before making a similar "miss step".