Airtime Ratio

I would like the ability to adjust the airtime ratio associated with an SM. This would allow for fair access to a multiple dwelling unit or fair access for a small SM-AP repeater site.


If I am serving 50 customers with 50 SMs, at maximum use they would equally share airtime. If 10 of those customers are in an apartment, and one SM is used for the whole building, I would have 50 customers but only 41 SMs [and at maximum use, the apartment tenants would have a disproportionately low amount of bandwidth available]. I would want to adjust the sharing ratio for that single SM to 10:1.

If I then found I have 3 customers in a location that could not be served from my main AP. I could use an SM to feed an AP that only serves those 3 customers. I would want to adjust the airtime ratio to 3:1 for the SM feeding the new AP.

Thanks, Chris

Assuming this is on the 450 product line, currently we've implemented a Weighted Fair Queuing mechanism among priority queues. In an upcoming release, we will implement a fairness algorithm among subscribers.

In this context, I was considering ePMP hardware. 

The request would not be fulfilled by a Weighted Fair Queuing mechanism among priority queues, nor among subscribers.

The examples given above should explain the concern. More simply, however, if one has 2 SMs, one serving a single customer, and one serving a 10 unit MDU, those 2 SMs should not have equal priority. It would be important to be able to weight the airtime fairness that occurs at service limits.