Alarm when SM ethernet = 10Mbps

Is it possible to enhance cnMaestro so that whenever a SM ethernet = 10Mbps, an alarm is raised?

This is almost always a cable fault.


If you’re using a software tool which can leverage SNMP (like Nagios), you can monitor/poll the speed of the Ethernet interface of SMs pretty simply…

For ePMPs, the OID is . (it returns the speed of the Ethernet port in Mbps, and for PMP450 SMs, it’s . (returns the Ethernet Interface string you would find in the GUI under Device Information).

I don’t use it for SM’s, just for APs, but I get notified within 5 minutes of a speed drop, which is pretty useful.

This would most certainly be an awesome function of cnMaestro. We also frequently face such issue and premature alert would be nice.

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This is not exactly the same. If you can use SNMP why do you still use the controller? How will you use SNMP from a Cloud or when device locates behinds NAT or FW? The SNMP is a worse way to get information from the device at the current tech era.

There are a lot of reasons when alarms should be raised by cnMaestro but they’re ignoring implementation. Much better to add a raw useless feature and go ahead with next one than enhance something existed, right ? sarcasm

Well, in the context I was describing, all of our APs and SMs are locally accessible within our network - none is behind a NAT or firewall. I can see how SNMP would be useless to you if that were not the case.

I wonder if this will be one of the things flagged by the cnMaestro “Assists” tool.

Correct, thank you.