Alarm when SM ethernet = 10Mbps

Is it possible to enhance cnMaestro so that whenever a SM ethernet = 10Mbps, an alarm is raised?

This is almost always a cable fault.


If you’re using a software tool which can leverage SNMP (like Nagios), you can monitor/poll the speed of the Ethernet interface of SMs pretty simply…

For ePMPs, the OID is . (it returns the speed of the Ethernet port in Mbps, and for PMP450 SMs, it’s . (returns the Ethernet Interface string you would find in the GUI under Device Information).

I don’t use it for SM’s, just for APs, but I get notified within 5 minutes of a speed drop, which is pretty useful.

This would most certainly be an awesome function of cnMaestro. We also frequently face such issue and premature alert would be nice.

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This is not exactly the same. If you can use SNMP why do you still use the controller? How will you use SNMP from a Cloud or when device locates behinds NAT or FW? The SNMP is a worse way to get information from the device at the current tech era.

There are a lot of reasons when alarms should be raised by cnMaestro but they’re ignoring implementation. Much better to add a raw useless feature and go ahead with next one than enhance something existed, right ? sarcasm

Well, in the context I was describing, all of our APs and SMs are locally accessible within our network - none is behind a NAT or firewall. I can see how SNMP would be useless to you if that were not the case.

I wonder if this will be one of the things flagged by the cnMaestro “Assists” tool.

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Correct, thank you.

Is there a solution to this? We had a PTP550 backhaul where the ethernet dropped to 100 Mbit today. Rebooting the PTP550 resolved it for now - it came back up at 1Gbit. It may be an actual cable issue, or it may be just ‘one of those things’ but we just happened to notice it when looking at something else… we’d rather have had an alarm setup to let us know, so we could fix it before it was an issue for any clients to complain/report.