Alarms from ePMP and CnPilot

We receive too many alarms from our ePMP and CnPilot routers on our CnMaestro Cloud account.

Is there anyway to slow down the amount of alarms that CnMaestro tells us about?

Hi @Danny_Ray_Boyer can you please confirm are you getting an false alarms from the cnmaestro cloud?

email settings can be found in Administration → settings–> notifications

you can set the severity and Ignore Notification

Yes, we are getting alarms on ePMP radios and CnPilot routers when they have not gone offline.

Will you please explain the procedure how CnMaestro generates alarms?

Does CnMaestro have to hear from each ePMP and CnPilot ever so often reporting in?

We gave up and turned the cnMaestro notifications off entirely.

In CnMaestro, there needs to be a setting on the CnMaestro alarm page that allows the account administrator to set the “number of cycles” when CnMaestro cannot communicate with the remote radio and routers - before it displays notifications that alarms are present.

We still would like to know what the procedure is when CnMaestro declared an alarm.

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ninedd, you are probably experiencing the same thing that we are about receiving “bogus” alarms.

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if the cloud CnMaestro does not have good contact to an SM when it should for enough cycles they you will get an alarm. This is part of the reason why we host our own CnMaestro servers. Local beats cloud any day for this.

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The device needs to not respond to several pings in a row from cnMaestro before being marked offline and an event will be logged. Only after five minutes if the device does not reconnect does an alarm get raised.

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