Alarms not being removed from active alarm display

I am using cnMaestro cloud and have the issue that even after manually going to each and every radio to reconnect the devices manually I now still have the Alarm Bell showing a total of 17 alarms but the list when I click on the active alarms list is only showing up 1 "real" alarm. How can the alarm bell showing the false amount of alarms be reset or updated?

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I have noticed one way to manually get rid of each alarm but is extremely lengthy process, because by logging into the web management of each radio that is currently in alarm state, go to the Configuration and System settings: In the cnMaestro settings all 3 fioelds are empty even though the radio in the status page sais it in connected. All I do is add the cnMaestro URL as without retyping the Cambium ID nor the onboarding key and save the changes and the radio reregisters to the cnMaestro and clear the alarm.

The only problem I have seen is that when the radio is power cycled or reset via the Web interface cnMaestro o0nce again sees the radio as a Major Alarm and down and does not refresh and clear the alarm state.

I hope this helps in debugging if this is a 3.0 or cnMaestro issue or a combination of the 2.

This a copy of the issue I posted earlier but is relevant to this issue as well


You mean the Alarm count at the very top of the page?  Does to count get corrected after refreshing the page (F5)?

Both the Alarm Bell and the alarms in the web page....there are 18 alarms of which 2 are really aplicable and the others dont exist. It does not correct with refreshing the page or deleting cookies.

Both the links that are mentioned with active alarm status are actually both OK. The only way I have found to update the incorrect status is to go to the radio and update the cnMeastero URL field and save...after this the unit once again shows up as Inactive in the status meaning the alarm was cleared. The counter for that gets reduced by 1 but I still have 16 alarms in the orange counters that are not updated.

Even though an active link has an active major alarm as "Device is Offline", the link status in cnMaestro shows up as "UP" and has all the stats.

I have updated the links from the radio side and even though there are no active alarms both the alarm bell at the top as well as the large Major Alarm block are still showing up 16 alarms and nothing in the actual alarm list.

I have another observation. It seems that the bogus major alarms are related to the Tower sites and not to actual equipment. When filtering the alarms per tower they show up with random amount of active alarms but when actually accessing the AP on a tower site the real active alarm amounts are shown.

Both issues, Down alarms not clearing and alarm count total being incorrect should be fixed after the next major cnMaestro update.

I am now using Beta cnMaestro 1.2.1-b16 and it is still an issue.

I don't think the beta build containing the fix is release yet.

I'm also using the cloud version of cnmaestro, and can't ever seem to clear the alarms on the top banner, right now its showing about 869 major alarms (have about 400 epmp devices onboarded) and can't seem to get rid of the alarm count at the top, even though they are old alarms such as reboots. Nearly all radios are running 3.0.1-rc9. I'm hoping there's a way to clear events in the future so these counters can be reset.

Hi ,

The Alarms will get auto cleared if the reason for Alarm is resolved. In the current release there is a known issue due to which the Alarms are not getting cleaered or the Alarm Count shows wrong data. This is already fixed and will be given in next release.