Alarms not clearing.

Is their a reason why the alarms when they are Acknowledged that they are not being moved to the Alarms History?  I have a customer that says she went offline a day ago but on the AP she has been up for more than a day and her unit has been online for a month.  I have acknowledged the alarm but it still shows up in the alarm panel and also shows the counter on the top with the bell.  I have other alarms that are from some units I was testing that I have acknowledges but are still showing on the bell indicator at the top.  

I don't know if this is a bug or intentional.  I feel that if you have acknowledged it then it should be cleared from the bell notification and from the alarms screen.  

On the note of alarms I would make the suggestion to have the ability to make a threashold for when alarms are triggered. EX on AP's don't raise an alarm unless unit has been offline for x amount of time. 

Acknowleding an alarm is meant to indicate that someone has seen the alarm and is working to resolve it.  Alarms will auto-clear once the error state has been resolved.  In the case of a down device, it should auto-clear when it comes back online.

Is the device you mentioned connected to cnMaestro and marked as Up in the dashboard?  You could try disabling/enabling cloud managment directly on the device to force it to reconnect to cnMaestro and clear the Down alarm.  Rebooting the device would also trigger this.

Thank you for posting your suggestion.  Please add it to the Ideas page linked at the top so it can be voted on.  This will also let you track its progress.

I have the following alarms stuck for a group of AP's. 

1. Orignally set up them up for Auto Sync. I recieved this alarm because of a Sync/Configuration issue

2. Then turn off Auto-Sync

3. Alarm is still stuck there. 

4. AP's are online and operating fine. 

Any advice on how to clear this.

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  • RaisedTue Jul 25 2017 12:48:29 GMT-0500
  • DetailsConfiguration Update Failed Due To Device Timeout
  • ResolutionReestablish Connectivity, Review Configuration Settings And Retry Update.
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The concepts of Device Synchronization and Auto-Sync are separate but related. 

Device sync indicates if the running configuration of the device is synchronized with the mapped AP Group.  If the device is out of sync an alarm will also indicate this.  Out of sync indicates that cnMaestro detected that the device may be running different configuration than what is set in the AP Group.

The Auto-Sync option in the AP Group is used to automatically push the AP Group to mapped devices if any settings are changed in the AP Group or any linked WLANs.  Devices will become out of sync after changing settings in an AP Group or WLAN so Auto-Sync can be used to automatically bring the device back to a synced state and clear the alarm.

In order to clear the active Configuration Sync and Configuration alarms you should apply a configuration update to the device(s) again.  If they are out of sync, the Sync Configuration page will display these devices and supports a simple method to select them all and re-apply their mapped AP Group.  This page can be found on the left-hand menu under Application -> Sync Configuration