Align a PTP550

OK new user here, I've been using Radwin for a while and want to try a PTP550, I am just wondering how you align the 2 ends? I have seen cnArcher but they not be suitable for us, is there a RSSI indication on the GUI? (I see there maybe a tone but you first need to make an adapter? no internal speaker??)have had a look but cannot find any real info reagrding this thanks

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You may want to check out this webinar

It is about PTP 650 and 700 but I believe the basics apply.

fvrv, yes, there is an RSSI indication in the GUI. The GUI has an eAlign tool that you can use that charts the RSSI in a color coded bar graph along with a graph of historic levels that updates several times a second. I've attached a screen shot of it here. I'd recommend planning the link in LINKPlanner so you can determine the predicted RSSI to have a target RSSI to align the link to. The user guide also has good documentation on this. You can download it here: Just scroll to the bottom and click on the guides tab under documentation. 

Ray also responded with a great webinar on the alignment process.

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