Alignment Tool Pinout Needed for PTP 450 900

Would like to make an adaptor so that I can plugin a pair of earbuds so that I can align using the tone tool.

Came across the following link but I am unsure if that is the correct procedure.


We recommend you to use the alignment tone cable. However, you can even try the link as well.

Please find the screen shot of the alignment tone cable.


Could you please let us know whether you have tried the above one.



I was able to construct an alignment to using rj12 connector, flat phone wire and a 3.5 mm male to female headphone extension cable that was cut in half. No more than $5 in parts and 15 minutes in time.

Would have worked great except for the fact that my installation is pole / telescoping mast mounted making the radios way beyond arms reach.

Would nice if there was an alternative alignment tone generator.

-Built in speaker.
-Bluetooth in radio connect to phone or laptop app.
-Through or in POE.