Alignment Tube Install Guide for 60 GHz cnWave™ V3000

Alignment Tube(C000000L190A) Install Guide

60 GHz cnWave V3000s can be configured as Point-to-Point links. To help with the deployment of the link, we have designed an Alignment tube. This tube will help align a point-to-point link up to 600 metres, with a 1.2° field of vision the tube will assist in aligning the V3000 which has a beamwidth of 0.8°.


What is included in the Box:

  1. The Alignment tube (C000000L190A)
  2. M4 Nylon Thumb Screw

How to use the Alignment tube:

  1. Inset the tube into the circular slot shown in Image 2.
  2. The kit includes an M4 screw that should be used to secure the tube in place once slotted.

Note: It is recommended to use the cnWave precision mounting bracket(C000000L125A) to set up the link since the bracket provides more granular control for fine-tuning the Azimuth and elevation angles.

We have designed a detailed demo video on setting up a V3000 point-point link using the Alignment Tube, cnArcher 60 GHz, and the Antenna Alignment feature in the V3000. This video is a part of a curated course called 60GHz cnWave Starter Kit.

Link to the video: 60GHz cnWave: Release 1.2 Alignment Tools
Link to the entire course content: 60GHz cnWave Starter Kit

Install Guide:Cambium_Networks_V3000_Alignment_Tube_Install_Guide.pdf

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