All AP have same channel

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On my last installation, cnMaestro on-promise ver. 2.2.0-r60 and about 10 e410 ver., i did not touched anything in advanced setting about radio, so all is by default.
But i noticed that about all e410 have the same channel.
In other installation, e410’s channel had automatic selection without any setting.
Any suggestion?

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Hi Antonio,

Where are you seeing the channel setting? Is it a Configuration context or is it a display of the channel the radio is operating on (automatically selected)?

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Could you please confirm if the default configuration of Channel is set to “AUTO/AUTOMATIC”?

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Sure, Channel Setting is ‘Auto’. More, in Radio configuration i do not change anything from default.
And, look at radio channel chosen by AP, 7 AP are on channel 6, 1 AP on channel 11 and one e500 outdoor had chosen channel 1.
My doubt is that i have chosen wrong installation of APs. Perhaps, they are too close.

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Please enable Auto-RF to have APs on different channel in both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz band.

Ok, thanks, i’ll give it a try, and let you know.
Meanwhile, i’ll have to check only Auto RF? What does it mean ‘Deprecated’ in Channel Selection Mode? In other words, is it there a ‘best practice’ about this feature?


If you are using software version 3.11.4 and 4.0, please enable Auto-RF and rest be at its default.

For version 4.1 and above, please enable auto-rf.

Ok, Thanks!

I’ll let you know…